Grand Prairie Life Insurance

When you’re planning for the future, you need a life insurance broker you can trust. Our well-established life insurance company has helped customers find the best life insurance policies at the lowest rates for years.

That’s why you should call Life Insurance by Monique Navarro when you’re looking for life insurance. Since we’re licensed insurance brokers, we can search for the best policy from the most reputable life insurance providers in Grand Prairie to get a life insurance policy that meets your needs.

We are licensed, insured and bonded, and our company is locally owned and operated, too. Our professional team is committed to providing the best customer service and a truly individualized experience. We will help you understand the different types of life insurance so you can pick a policy that meets your needs.

Permanent vs Term Life Insurance

When you’re searching for life insurance, you will have to understand the differences between the policy types. Most insurance policies fall into one of two categories—permanent life insurance or term life insurance.

Permanent life insurance lasts for the duration of the policyholder’s life, so long as the premiums are paid. Term life insurance is a policy that lasts for a designated length of time. Most term policies will cover the policyholder for one to 30 years.

Many permanent life insurance policies have a cash value. The benefit of having a policy with a cash value is that the policyholder can borrow against the plan. Money borrowed can be used to pay for debts, like personal loans or medical bills. Term life insurance in Grand Prairie does not have a cash value, but it does have a death benefit.

Death benefits are an important part of life insurance policies. These benefits provide financial support to your beneficiaries at the time of your death. If you are not looking to provide long term support following your death then you should consider a burial insurance policy.

Final expenses life insurance in Grand Prairie is designed to cover your end-of-life expenses. This insurance takes away some or all financial burden than could be placed on your family from unpaid medical bills, legal expenses, and burial costs. If you want coverage, but are concerned about your age or health, you should consider a final expenses life insurance policy.

If you want low cost life insurance, you should consider either term life insurance. If you have a term life insurance policy, but want to extend your coverage, we can help you convert your policy to a permanent life insurance policy.

Types of Permanent Life Insurance

There are several different types of permanent life insurance, including whole life insurance and UIL life insurance. As previously mentioned, these plans have a cash value that can be borrowed against, which make them a great option for building a source of emergency funds.

Whole life insurance in Grand Prairie has many benefits. There are fixed premiums, which means the price you pay every month won’t change. Death benefits are also fixed and won’t change the older the policyholder gets.

Universal life insurance in Grand Prairie has a portion of the premium payment that gets invested into the stock market. One benefit of a UIL life insurance plan is that the earnings and interest can be used to pay for the policy premiums. Policyholders also have the opportunity to adjust the death benefit as the policy progresses.

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