Pantego Life Insurance

Life Insurance by Monique Navarro is an independent, locally owned and operated insurance company that’s dedicated to helping customers find the best life insurance policy for their coverage needs. We help customers understand the different types of life insurance so they are able to pick a life insurance plan that has ample benefits with a low premium rate.

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Final Expenses Life Insurance Policies

One type of life insurance policy you might consider is final expenses life insurance, also known as burial insurance. A final expenses life insurance policy in Pantego will help cover burial costs and other expenses associated with a person’s end-of-life.

These policies provide a smaller death benefit than other policies, but have less requirements to meet. For example, the policy you choose might not require a medical exam or take your age into consideration when creating the policy.

If you need a larger death benefit that will provide financial support following your death, you should consider term or whole life insurance.

Term Life Insurance Policies

Term life insurance in Pantego is a great policy option for people who want to provide financial support for their family if they pass away unexpectedly. These policies are limited and have a term length, meaning the policy will expire after a designated time.

You can have a term life policy for as long as 30 years. Upon the completion of a term life policy you might have the option to extend your coverage. It’s also possible to convert your term life policy to a whole life policy.

Whole Life Insurance Policies

Whole life insurance in Pantego is a permanent policy that lasts throughout the policyholder’s life, so long as the premium is paid up to date. These policies do not expire and the death benefit can provide financial support for your family.

Whole life policies may require you to undergo a medical evaluation. The evaluation, along with a number of other factors, will determine your premium cost. With a whole life policy, your premium will remain fixed for the life of the policy. The death benefit is also fixed and it will not decrease as the policyholder ages.

If you like whole life insurance, but would prefer more flexibility in your life insurance policy, you should consider a universal life insurance policy.

Universal Life Insurance Policies

Universal life insurance in Pantego is also a permanent policy that lasts throughout the policyholder’s life. UIL life insurance offers more flexibility in terms of the payment options and the death benefit options.

With a universal life policy, the policyholder can use interest earned by the policy to pay for the policy’s premium. They can also adjust the death benefit to increase or decrease during the policy.

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