Reno Life Insurance

Save time and money when you get a new life insurance policy by calling Life Insurance by Monique Navarro. We’re an independent, locally owned and operated insurance agency. As insurance brokers, we are appointed with the top life insurance providers in Reno. This means we can compare policies across providers and shop to get you the lowest rates.

Our staff is dedicated to providing individualized service to each and every customer. We’ll help you compare the different types of life insurance and pick a life insurance policy with the right amount of coverage.

Low Cost Life Insurance

If you need life insurance with a low premium, we can help you compare policies. A term life insurance policy is one of the most affordable life insurance policies and may require a medical exam. Term life insurance in Reno will provide coverage for a predetermined timeframe.

You can choose to have coverage for as little as one year and as long as 30 years. The policy will expire if you reach the end of the policy term. Some providers will allow you to extend your coverage, or you can call our team to convert your policy to a permanent policy.

End of Life Coverage

If you are 50 years old or older, you might find it is hard to find a life insurance policy that you can qualify for. We recommend looking at a final expenses life insurance policy in Reno. These policies are meant for older adults who want to cover their funeral expenses, medical bills, and more.

Also called burial insurance, you can qualify for a plan regardless of age or health condition. Most of these policies do not require a medical exam. Having a final expenses life insurance policy is a great way to ensure you will not be a financial burden on your family when you pass away.

Permanent Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance. These policies provide coverage for the duration of the policyholder’s life. Age, medical condition, and the amount of coverage are all taken into consideration when calculating the policy’s premium.

Advantages of a whole life insurance policy in Reno include fixed premiums and a fixed death benefit. Your rates will not increase, and your death benefit will not decrease as you age. You will also build cash value over time. Policyholders are able to borrow against the cash value of their policy–just know that there are restrictions, so talk to your insurance broker first.

Flexible Life Insurance

If you like the idea of having a whole life policy, but you want more flexibility in your life insurance policy, you should consider universal life insurance in Reno. A UIL life insurance plan is also permanent, but it offers policyholders flexibility in how they make their payments and the death benefit amount.

Universal life insurance uses a portion of the premiums paid to invest in the stock market. The policy will earn interest and build a cash value. Policyholders can lower their policy premium by using the interest earned to pay for the premium. If enough interest is earned, they could even skip payments.

The death benefit is also flexible in that the policyholder can adjust the amount higher or lower. Most insurance policies only allow the policyholder to increase coverage. Decreasing the death benefit could lower the policy’s premium.

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